Standards Committee List and Standards Collaboration List

Information provided by René Mueller, Program Coordinator, SAA, October 10, 2013

The Standards Committee list includes all members of the Standards Committee, plus all the members of its 6 subcommittees, plus all representatives that report to Standards. The people on this list have all been appointed by the vice president/president-elect to a role associated with a group charge that has a term with a firm beginning and end. The official Standards Committee roster is maintained by the SAA office and also can serve as a reference for the list of people with access to the Standards Committee discussion list:**C-STANDARD&Name=Officers&Status=Active&.
The Standards Collaboration list is an informal list of representatives from sections and roundtables (and possibly committees, boards, task forces, working groups) who serve as liaisons between the Standards Committee and the individual sections and roundtables in SAA. This tool was developed a couple of years ago as a way for the Standards Committee to reach out to (or receive tips from) SAA’s various interest groups that might have information/perspective on relevant emerging standards, approved standards, or standards under revision. I believe this list was envisioned as a way to seek or collect broad input organizationally. The Standards Committee co-chairs who requested this list agreed to maintain the list of subscribers. Staff makes changes to subscriptions as requested. There is no charge, term (other than any dictated by the section or roundtable, which can vary by group), or VP appointment associated with this list.
I imagine as least some Standards Committee members need to be on the collaboration list to keep the conversation functional, though I am not sure of the specifics of who, how long, or how many. Those details probably vary. Staff (and who does this is literally whoever has time when the request comes in) just updates the list when requested and does not track anything further.
Like all SAA discussion lists, both of these lists are private. People cannot post messages unless they are subscribed.