Vote On Changes To LAS Standing Rules Regarding Leadership Roles

Over the last year, your Lone Arrangers Section leadership has worked hard to identify how to best provide constructive and enduring leadership. To do this, the 2020/2021 LAS leadership updated the section's standing rules (bylaws) regarding its governance. The changes move the elected leadership from general steering committee members to specific two-year term officer roles, bringing the responsibilities and accountability of the newsletter and web content management under elected leadership, providing continuity of its programs and resources through its clearly-defined leadership roles, and reflecting the expectations and interests of its members. The updated bylaws can be found at:

As part of the transition, the previously elected steering committee members have shifted into specific roles, having been part of the process of identifying and defining each role's responsibilities. Those steering committee members originally elected for a two-year term ending in 2022 will continue in their specific roles which will be up for election in 2022. During the odd years (eg. 2021), the leadership roles of Newsletter Editor and one of two Regional Representatives will be elected. During the even years (eg. 2022), the role of Web Liaison, Events Coordinator, and one of two Regional Representatives will be elected. The role of Vice Chair/Chair elect with be elected annually.

The ballot will be emailed directly to members on Wednesday April 21 and active through Wednesday May 5th to vote on the section standing laws changes. Keep an eye for your ballot in your inbox (and check your spam). A vote Yes approves the changes to LAS's standing rules. If you have any questions, please contact your LAS Chair