2020 Security Section Election Information

Vacant Positions -- (2)

Chair-Elect: Three-year term - first year Chair-elect, second year as Chair, and third year as immediate past Chair

The main responsibilities of the vacant position are providing leadership & direction for the Security Section. This includes, but is not limited to, planning the annual meeting, holding additional meetings as needed to evaluate activities/direction of the section, sending relevant announcements to the section via the listserv, and updating the section's blog and microsite with news and resources.

Early Career Volunteer: One-year term -- Archivist within first three years of experience or student in an archival studies related graduate program, intending to enter archives field.

The main responsibilities of the Early Career Volunteer will be to serve with steering committee on projects, task forces, or committees. Steering committee provides and arranges mentor relationship between volunteer and section leadership, helping volunteer to better prepare for and understand the profession as well as SAA and section leadership.

Nominee for Chair-elect-- 2020 Election:JoAnna Lincoln

JoAnna Lincoln   


Bio: I obtained my BS from Central Michigan University in Public History, Anthropology, and Museum Studies. I recently received my MS in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information. My archival experiences include internships in Michigan at the Clarke Historical Library in Mount Pleasant, the Archives of Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, and the Ann Arbor District Library Archives in Ann Arbor. My interest in archival security was sparked when I worked on a student volunteer team preserving letters from a water-logged 1965 time capsule. I have a strong passion for preserving damaged historical materials and disaster prevention/mitigation. 

Statement of Interest: I hope to bring a fresh set of eyes to the Security Section and to continue the work of past chairs to increase awareness of security issues in archives. It seems security often falls by the wayside as archivists cope with limited resources and pressures to digitize. I would like to build a one-stop resource guide consisting of articles, websites, webinars, screencasts, panels, and more. I want to increase outreach and encourage engaged networking within our section. Our greatest resource is the knowledge we share with each other.


Nominee for Early Career Volunteer -- 2020 Election:

Heather Parks


Bio: Please accept my nomination for the early career volunteer on the steering committee for SAA’s security section. I’ve been the Head of Preservation at Binghamton University for almost 3 years and spent many hours creating our disaster plan, attending disaster trainings, dealing with disasters which in turn lead to more revisions to the disaster plans. I’m also on the library’s emergency procedures committee that deals with other topics such as theft, vandalism, attack and overall public safety. I have an MLIS from Florida State and a foundations degree in book conservation from Camberwell College of Arts in London.

Statement of Interest: During my conservation education, we spent weeks discussing security issues that could happen to our collections and to the wider community we work in. Those were the most intimidating and fascinating discussions that to this day stand out as a highlight of my education. When I saw this committee was interested in new members, I was immediately drawn based on that past. Based on the last few years of work, I’ve come to realize one of the most important elements to security is staff buy-in. Security has to be a group effort and may be a significant challenge but critical to success. So areas I’m most interested in is that buy in as well as disaster planning/response. That’s not to say I am not interested in other areas, but they have been what I’ve got the most experience with.


Volunteers Appointed By Chair (Not Elected, Not on Ballot)

This coming year we will have 2 additional volunteers working with the Steering Committee. Jessica Doss and Jeff Lundgren, both graduate students, have been appointed by the current Chair to be in preparation for positions to be confirmed as appointed by the next Chair, Ken Fieth. These volunteers will work with the Steering Committee and its representatives on projects, task forces, and committees, and develop relationships with the section leadership who will serve as mentors.
There will be more information regarding these two posted soon.

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