STHC Newsletters: "Archival Elements"

STHC annually produces a newsletter Archival Elements, with sections on projects, institutions, special topics, and roundtable business. Copies of the most recent newsletters are available electronically (see links below). For newsletter information or to send a submission contact:

Jennifer Langford
Archivist/Special Collections Librarian
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center
Memphis TN

Submission Guidelines:

1. The text should be size 10 in Century Gothic. The title should be Century Gothic size 11 and bolded. Your name, position, and institution should be Century Gothic, bold, and size 10. 

2.  Pieces should include a title, names of the authors, their positions, the institutions where they work, and the authors' email.  Other contact information is optional but welcomed.

3. Pictures should be sent as separate attachments. Select those you feel illustrate the piece the best as jpegs.

4. Indicate placement of the images in the text. Captions should accompany all figures and tables and should include credit original sources. Keep captions at an appropriate length.

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