Facts & Figures

There are a number of ways to understand the dynamic archives profession—including numbers!  Explore the resources below to learn more. 

Survey Data

Women Archivists Section/SAA Salary Survey (2017)
More than 2,100 individuals participated in the Women Archivists Section/SAA salary survey fielded in April 2017. Although the survey gathered data that gives context to employment in the archives profession by gender, it also sought to gather data on how identities such as age, race/ethnicity, sexual identity, and socioeconomic status interact to affect outcomes on salary, employment, leadership, and professional advancement in the field.

Fielded in 2004, this census was the first truly comprehensive nationwide survey of the archives profession. The final report features five key areas: Graduate Education, Continuing Education, Diversity, Leadership, and Certification.  

CoSA Reports and Surveys 
The Council of State Archivists has compiled a number of statistical reports over the years on state archives and records management programs.