SAA Council Internal Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion

The Council Internal Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion was reconstituted in March 2021 with the following objective:

By May 31, 2021, the Council Internal Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion will draft a work plan for incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and cultural competency into all aspects of SAA’s work, taking into account the Society’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022 and informed by existing goals and strategies developed by component groups. 

The plan will be comprehensive in its approach and will consider the breadth of the Society’s programs, including membership, staffing, and governance and leadership structures, in developing recommendations and a course of action that will bring about change at every level in SAA. 

The work plan will outline a multi-year approach to expanding the Society’s resources with the use of external experts and facilitators; meeting the education and training needs of SAA leaders, members, and staff; and developing internal resources for future leaders. 

The plan will be incorporated into and will inform the ongoing revision of the Society’s Strategic Plan. 

The Council Internal Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion was reconstituted in May 2016 with the following objective:

SAA is expanding our commitment to increasing diversity and encouraging inclusion through the establishment of initiatives that build on our past and present efforts to increase diversity and emphasize inclusion within our organization, in the broader profession, and as reflected in our cumulative collections. The Council’s Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion will recommend and coordinate efforts on SAA’s behalf to:

  • Sponsor and encourage events, activities, and efforts of all kinds.
  • Identify relevant policies and practices that are missing or need revision.
  • Encourage broad participation by promoting activities and sharing outcomes.

The Working Group is identifying current and future activities and initiatives that can promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of SAA and the profession, concluding with an assessment of perceived and demonstrated progress and providing recommendations for next steps to move forward. 

 As a first step in their work, the working group developed a list to recognize and track efforts throughout the organization; see SAA Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The working group reviewed and revised the SAA Statement on Diversity and Inclusion to better define SAA's commitment and objectives for this goal.

When initially formed in November 2014, the Council Working Group on Diversity developed the following objectives:

This internal working group composed of Council members was created to:

  • Provide the Council with greater focus and direction in achieving the Society’s strategic goals in the area of diversity;

  • Explore meaningful new initiatives to support the place of diversity in SAA’s mission and core values; and

  • Coordinate with the work of the Diversity Committee, the Cultural Heritage Working Group, and appropriate component groups to leverage their contributions into broader cultural competency for the SAA’s Council, staff, and members. 

The Council Internal Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion develops and recommends to the Council a plan of action to achieve a long-term strategy of incorporating cultural competency and diversity into all aspects of SAA’s work.

This group works with the Committee on Education and SAA’s Education Director to develop a cultural competency curriculum for SAA members, including the skill set needed for 21st century archivists in a multi-cultural American society.

This group also links and coordinates component group activities and programming with SAA’s overall vision and Strategic Plan.

Created in November 2014, this group has no end date.