RAO Marketplace of Ideas: Feedback Requested!

Thanks to all who participated in the first-ever Marketplace of Ideas at the 2012 SAA Annual Meeting in San Diego. Please take a moment and respond to a brief survey the 2012-13 RAO program committee developed to evaluate the RAO 2012 Marketplace of Ideas program offered as part of RAO’s regular membership meeting.  If you missed the RAO meeting, there are just a couple of questions we’d love to have you address, if you attended the Marketplace, then we would appreciate your feedback on the program—what worked, what didn’t; what to keep, what to jettison; what would make the program great? The survey is short and painless and your input is invaluable!

Also, keep an eye on the Marketplace of Ideas wiki for materials from presenters, notes, and more discussion of hot topics.



Send comments on this website to 2023-2024 RAO Past Chair/Webmaster, Jay-Marie Bravent.