Marketplace of Ideas

On Saturday, August 3 11:30-12:45, RAO will host its Section Meeting and 7th Annual Marketplace of Ideas at the SAA Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. Please join us for our Business Meeting followed by the Marketplace!


Saturday, August 3rd from 11:30-12:45

Business meeting

  • Committee Reports

    • PSAC (Public Services Assessment Committee)

    • TPS (Teaching With Primary Sources)

    • E2 (Events and Exhibits)

    • Accessibility

    • Chair update 

      • “Interested in contributing to RAO?”

    • Marketplace “pitches” 2 minute per person



The Marketplace will kick off with each "vendor" giving a 2-minute infomercial to entice "shoppers." After that, we'll divide up and vendors will "sell" their ideas to shoppers in two 20-minute rounds.


Vendors Include

  • Lucy Barber, Deputy Executive Director, NHPRC. "Let Us Help You" NHPRC's records programming focus is on increasing access to, and engagement with, archival records. Nancy will discuss the available NHPRC programming and keys to successful applications.

  • Jen Hoyer, Educator, Kaitlin Holt, Program Manager,  and Julia Pelaez, Educator, Brooklyn Connections, Brooklyn Public Library. "Break Out! Gamify your Collections" Our presentation will share our experience developing Retro Detectives, a fun and engaging program that replicates the thrilling anticipation and mystery of today’s trendiest escape rooms minus the physicality and space commitment involved. With hands-on activities, we’ll demonstrate how breakout box activities can integrate primary source material as a key to accessing archives material in exciting new ways, in both formal and informal outreach settings. We’ll explain the process of designing Retro Detectives from genesis to implementation and evaluation alongside successes and challenges of the project in its first year, and we’ll share how a similar activity can be replicated at your institution. 

  • Lydia Tang, Special Collections Archivist, Michigan State University Special Collections. "Accessibility and Disability in Archives" Introducing the revised Guidelines for Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities and the proposed Accessibility & Disability Section of SAA.  What are these Guidelines? How can they be applied at your repository for digital, physical access, exhibits, outreach, and more? Do you have questions on accessibility?  Why is disability representation important? Join us to learn more!

  • Mary Johnson, Coordinator, TPS Teachers Network, and Danna Bell, Educational Outreach Specialist at the Library of Congress "Outreach Extended: Bringing K12 Teachers into the Conversation" If you are an archivist seeking new users through your outreach efforts, we have the audience for you! K12 educators (9,000 and growing) in the TPS Teachers Network are eager to tap into your expertise and your resources, both locally and nationally. Invite them into archival conversations through the "Partnering with Museum Educators and Archivists" group.  Let’s network!

  • Arlene Schmuland, Head, Archives & Special Collections, UAA/APU Consortium Library. "Reference training: brainstorming topics for short training tutorials" Continuing education for reference work is often hard to obtain and not well attended when offered. One solution to the barriers of time, money, and management priorities could be a series of short tutorials on various aspects of the reference process that would allow archival managers to pick and choose components that would meet the needs of their own institutions. This is a brainstorming session to elicit training topics, participants in creating tutorials, and methods and support for developing a repository for those tutorials.


We'll see you in Austin!



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