Marketplace of Ideas

On Wednesday, July 26, from 2:30–3:45pm, RAO will host its 6th annual Marketplace of Ideas at the SAA Annual Meeting in Portland, OR. The Marketplace will kick off with each "vendor" giving a 2-minute infomercial to entice "shoppers." After that, we'll divide up and vendors will "sell" their ideas to shoppers in two 20-minute rounds. 

The program committee seeks proposals for presentations and demonstrations to stimulate provocative conversation and deep thinking! We are especially interested in hearing from folks who'd like to present on the following topics or themes: 

  • Access to Born Digital Collections -- This could be a policy discussion regarding privacy or confidentiality, as well as access policy and procedural issues, or the technology and manpower needed to make it happen. 
  • Assessment -- What stats do you keep? What’s important? How do you track these stats? How do you use these at your institution?
  •  Archival Outreach on a Shoestring -- Do you use any project planning tools for outreach? What do you need to commit to outreach at a minimum level? 
  • Community Archive Outreach -- Have you designed a program to reach out to local community organizations and groups to make sure their voices are included in the archive? What is involved in a successful outreach initiative?
  • Pop-Up Exhibits - Have you found a way to do quick and easy exhibits that enable your archives to reach a variety of different constituencies with less staff time and involvement than traditional exhibits?
  • Designing Assignments -- How to design/help design an archival research assignment or program that incorporates faculty and their students?
  • Lone Arrangers and Advocacy 101 -- How to educate your host institution or non-archivist colleagues about what an archives is, what you/the archives does, and why it’s so darn important?


To submit an application, simply complete all of the questions in this form: Proposals are due by May 1, 2017

The RAO Program Committee will notify all applicants about the status of their proposal by May 22, 2017.



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