Winter 2016 Letter from the Chair



First, I would like to thank Mary Larson for stepping in at the last minute to help produce this newsletter on time. We are looking for volunteers to take over the role of newsletter editor, so please contact me or anyone on the Steering Committee if you are interested in this responsibility.


Last year may have seemed quiet for the Oral History Section, but behind the scenes, section leadership was working hard to close out the SAA Oral History Project and coordinate transfer of the recordings to the SAA archive at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Libraries. On behalf of the Section leadership, both past and present, I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to help with this project over the past five years, particularly Berlin Loa, Kristi Young, and project coordinator Lauren Kata. Thanks to the hard work of all of our volunteers, the oral histories of twenty SAA leaders will be preserved for future generations of archivists.


As we begin a new year, we continue to seek out opportunities to engage with the section and help all of you connect and learn from each other. To that end, we opted to dispense with a theme for this newsletter, so that everyone would have a chance to share what they’ve been working on lately.


As always, if you have any ideas for the Oral History Section or questions for the section leadership, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Steering Committee.



Rachel Telford