Born Digital Resources

During the 2015-2016 year the Working Group added materials related to born-digital records to our existing online resources guide. Working Group members collected examples of forms, training materials, policies, and procedures.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Organizing Electronic Records, Training Materials

Hagley Museum and Library

Accessioning Born-Digital Records 

Deed of Gift 

Digital Collections Management Policy – proposed 2013

Media Type Preservation Plan 

Transferring Electronic Media Found in Collections 

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Policy - Transfer of Terminated Employees’ Electronic Records to Archives 

Procedure - Transfer of Terminated Employees’ Electronic Records to Archives

New York Art Resources Consortium

Documentation Site, Web Archiving 

San Diego Museum of Man

Digital Asset Management: Digital Images of Collection Items Policies and Standards

Whitney Museum of American Art

Exhibition File-structure Guidelines 

File Format Guidelines 

File Naming Conventions