Navigator Program

The SAA Navigator Program is a short term community building opportunity that supports attendees of the hybrid Annual Meeting of ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2023. It is an opportunity for professionals to pay-forward the kindness and advice they have received throughout their careers by helping new members feel comfortable and enjoy the conference. Experienced Annual Meeting attendees (Navigators) are matched with anyone interested in conference guidance or those seeking friendly advice about the conference.

Application for Navigatees and Navigators Now Open

We will begin the Annual Meeting season by welcoming applications for both Navigatees and Navigators. We encourage Navigatees to have their applications in by June 2nd, and for Navigators to have their applications in by June 20th. Any Navigatee applications received by June 2nd will receive priority over applications received after that date.


Navigator's help Navigatees fully utilize the SAA Annual Meeting by:

  • Determining meeting goals
  • Planning their conference schedule
  • Discuss the Graduate Student and Vendor Posters
  • Discuss the SAA Research Forum
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advice about individual areas of expertise
  • Discussing conference sessions and recordings
    • Identifying their professional training needs
    • Creating a roadmap/plan for the meeting
    • Talking through and receiving advice about sessions, workshops, webinars and special events
    • Guidance navigating various networking opportunities
    • Discussing future conference session and poster proposals
    • Navigators initiate contact with Navigatees prior to the meeting.
    • Both parties coordinate their first meeting either virtually or in person.

    All program participants are expected to respect the SAA Code of Conduct.

    Looking for more guidance?

    The Career Services Commons is an initiative by the Career Development Subcommittee of the SAA Membership Committee. The Commons is a space for students, early-career archivists, and others to connect with experienced archives professionals.

    The Mentoring Program fosters mentoring relationships by connecting participants with shared interests. Mentoring is for anyone, at any stage of their career.

The guidance of Navigators benefit Navigatees through:

Here is how the Navigator Program works:

Successful conference Navigators and Navigatees achieve their goals by becoming acquainted with their professional and educational backgrounds. They discuss career aspirations and how they can be achieved through professional organization conferences, like the SAA Annual Meeting. Navigators and Navigatees share connections to individuals and groups that expand their professional network. Through establishing a rapport of inquiry and open communication, both parties can identify real needs, values, and interests. This further allows the partnership to explore ideas about the conference and networking.