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The Human Rights Archives Section aims to create a space for SAA members and other stakeholders (human rights advocates, scholars, government officials, and non-governmental organization workers) to increase dialogue and collaboration on issues related to the collection, preservation, disclosure, legal implications, and ethics of human rights documentation.

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If you couldn't make the event live, you can now view a recording via SAA's Online Learning Portal.
Cell-phone hacks, internet monitoring, face-recognition cameras, predictive policing and biometric surveillance. Once the stuff of dystopian science fiction, these technological tools are increasingly used to violate human rights and supress dissent in countries around the world.
For three years now, Asmaa Azaizeh has run a popular Arabic-language book festival in Haifa, a mixed city that has become a vibrant culinary and cultural capital for Palestinian citizens of Israel. But as this year’s festival opens on Friday, it is being held without hundreds of titles Ms. Azaizeh wanted to showcase.
Otrxs Fronterxs - Stories of migration, racism and (up) rooting - is the new exhibition organized by the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and the University Academy of Christian Humanism, in collaboration with the National Museum of Fine Arts.
This is an investigation produced by the Sudanese Archive in collaboration with the Berkeley Human Rights Investigation Lab.
The National Native American Boarding School (NABS) Healing Coalition will discuss their initiative to identify and collect nationally dispersed Native American boarding school records and to implement digital access to these vital records.
September saw not one, but two new additions to the Human Rights Archives Section blog.
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