Ni una menos Chile: Three years of struggle, resistance and rebellion (Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Chile)

Ni una menos (Not One Less) Chile and the programmatic line of memory and feminism of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights present the exhibition "Ni una menos Chile: Three years of struggle, resistance and rebellion."

This exhibition commemorates the three years of Ni Una menos Chile, a movement that began in response to the femicides that occurred in Argentina, and that in Chile has its beginning on October 19, the day on which it is convened, at the national level, to march against the feminicidal violence.

“Ni una menos Chile is the outbreak of feminist memory. A shout of resistance, struggle, pain and rage that Latin America travels through the denial of a life free of violence that crosses us to women.

“Ni una menos is a street scream, a lament, an urgent task, an exercise of constant questioning to everyday life. It is resistance to the patriarchal system that has historically looted our history and our bodies.

“Ni una menos We Are Organized Women. We are collective struggle, mobilizing rage and longing for social transformation. We are faces of women's and feminist activism. Not One Less We Are All. ”

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