Immigration historians in the news 2018 (Immigration and Ethnic History Society Online)

Immigration, the hallmark issue of the Trump presidency, was front page news all year. Assaults on birthright citizenship, Trump’s family separation policy, a new proposed public charge rule, the asylum ban, the lowest refugee cap ever, fearmongering the migrant caravan, the tragic deaths of children in U.S. custody, and the fight to fund Trump’s wall; at every turn the cruelty of U.S. immigration policy past and present has been on full display. The news cried out for historical analysis and framing – while the scale of Trump’s brutality is overwhelming, his policies and actions have deep roots – and scholars of migration history heeded the call.

Below are just a sample of op-eds by historians and stories citing historians published this year – these may be helpful for teaching or just sharing when these issues arise again in 2019.

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