Guidelines for Developing and Supporting Grant-Funded Positions in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums

This document is a set of guidelines for granting agencies, grant writers, and grant reviewers supporting the ethical creation of contingent positions in digital library work. We encourage granting agencies and grant reviewers to endorse and integrate these guidelines into application requirements, and urge institutions creating contingent positions to consult these guidelines when developing such positions.

Grants are opportunities to request and receive funding and other support that treats workers well, moving us toward “equitable salaries” “that bridge gender, racial and living wage gaps." The authors acknowledge that both funders and grant recipients range widely in size, scope, and capacity. In developing these guidelines, we aim to respect shared needs and expectations of well-resourced institutions and one-person establishments alike. We also acknowledge that contingent workers fall within a wide array of categories – from volunteers to interns to graduate students to temporary hires – that also intersect. With this document, we advocate for workers in contingent positions of all kinds that support organizational sustainability, while remaining aware that supporting contingent positions creates categories of unequal positions.

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