EAD3 Study Groups Report: "Implementing EAD3: Search and Exploration"

The EAD Roundtable and related EAD3 Study Group initiative is pleased to announce the distribution of the following report:

"Implementing EAD3: Search and Exploration"

July 19, 2016

Prepared by Sarah Buchanan (University of Texas), Michele Combs (Syracuse University), J. Gordon Daines III (Brigham Young University), Cory Nimer (Brigham Young University) Elizabeth Russey Roke (Emory University)

This report summarizes the results of the Study Group's work to review the impact of newly introduced EAD3 elements on user discovery tasks. For each element, the group has provided a discussion of the desired functionality and possible discovery interface implementations, as well as a series of recommendations on encoding. An analysis of the costs and benefits of using these elements is also provided to assist community members in their decisionmaking.

Additional reports on EAD3 implementation were prepared by the Study Group on Systems and Infrastructure, and the Study Group on Conversion and Migration. While some reference is made to migration concerns, this report will not address either the technical aspects of the conversion process or specific systems issues.

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