EAD Roundtable Meeting Minutes 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010, Washington, D.C.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Jacquelyn Ferry, Chair
    • John Nemmers, Vice Chair/Chair Elect
  2. Roundtable Chair Report
    • Council approved revision to EAD Roundtable mission statement:
      “The EAD Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists is intended to promote the implementation and use of encoding standards for dissemination of archival information. To this end, we aim to provide tools and information for use in encoding archival descriptions; discuss and facilitate the use of software for markup, parsing, indexing, and delivery; and monitor and contribute to encoding standard development for archival description.”
    • Summary of updates to EAD Help Pages.
    • A survey of roundtable members will be conducted in 2010-2011.
    • A web committee will be formed to revise/migrate the EAD site to Drupal in 2010-2011.
    • Starting next year elections will be online.
  3. Vice Chair/Chair Elect Candidate Statements
    • Nominees Mark Matienzo and Catalina Oyler made brief statements, and their biographies were distributed with the meeting agenda.
    • There were no nominations from the floor.
  4. Updates and Announcements
    • SAA Council (Tom Hyry) – Reported that Council approved the new EAD RT mission, and reminded everyone to vote on the proposed dues increase.
    • 2011 Program Committee (Christie Peterson) – Session proposals for the 2011 meeting in Chicago will be due October 1, and the EAD RT can endorse two proposals.
    • Standards Committee (Sibyl Schaefer) – The committee has expanded, revised the review process, and agreed on definitions for standards, best practice guidelines, etc.
    • TS-EAD (Michael Rush) – The subcommittee has a 5-year charge to revise EAD 2002. Co-chairs are Rush and Bill Stockting. First meeting will be Aug 15, 2010. They will work with the newly formed Schema Development Team, chaired by Daniel Pitti. The TS-EAD will be soliciting input from members.
    • EAC Working Group (Kathy Wisser) – EAC-CPF was released in March 2010 after a review period that included two webinars. EAC has been submitted to the Standards Committee for endorsement. The working group held a preconference meeting on August 9, 2010, featuring an overview of the schema and discussions about People Australia, the Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) Project, projects in France and Germany, etc. The Working Group encourages the development of best practices guidelines, implementation examples, and collaborative efforts. The preconference meeting was recorded and Kathy will post streaming video and text of the proceedings.
    • OCLC Research (Merrilee Proffitt) – Reported early results from the Survey on Special Collections and Archives, which will be published in August 2010. Also discussed the Barriers to EAD Implementation report and webinar, and encouraged the EAD RT to maintain lists found in the report’s appendices as part of the Help Pages.
    • Archivist’s Toolkit/Archon/ArchivesSpace Integration (Annie Ross) – Both AT and Archon are in maintenance mode and continue to disseminate updates as needed. Both groups continue to provide training. A technical design meeting was held in June 2010. Information is available at archivesspace.org.
    • NHPRC (Nancy Melley) – Encouraged members to apply for grants.
  5. Demonstrations and Question and Answer Session 
  6. Election Results: Mark Matienzo was elected Vice Chair/Chair Elect.

Recorded by: John Nemmers.