EAD Roundtable Meeting Minutes 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008, San Francisco, CA

  1. Welcome and Chair Report
    • EAD Roundtable Chair Jennie Levine thanked Steven Yearl who stepped down as Web Liaison for the EAD Roundtable’s Help Pages.
    • The EAD Roundtable endorsed two sessions for the 2008 Annual Meeting.
    • Michael Rush continues to update the EAD bibliography on the EAD Help Pages.
    • Institutions using EAD should add entries to the EAD implementors directory on the EAD Help Pages (88 institutions listed to date).
    • The 2005 EAD Tools Survey will be updated and conducted again this year to measure changes in encoding practice and EAD adoption.
  2. Reports and Updates
    • SAA Council Report (Ben Primer)
    • 2009 Program Committee (Jacquelyn Ferry)
    • TSDS Report (Daniel Santamaria)
    • EAD Working Group (Kris Kiesling)
    • EAC Working Group (Daniel Pitti)
    • RBMS (Jennifer Schaffner)
    • RLG Programs (Jennifer Schaffner)
    • Archivists' Toolkit update (Arwen Hutt)
  3. Vice Chair / Chair Elect Candidate Statements
  4. Presentation: Christian Dupont, Aeon (Atlas Systems). “Direct requesting from EAD? Sure, we can do that.”
    Christian Dupont provided an overview and demonstration of Aeon, an archives and special collections request management system. For more information, visit Aeon website
  5. Election Results: Jacquelyn Ferry was elected Vice Chair/Chair Elect
  6. Presentation: Daniel Pitti
    Daniel Pitti provided an overview of future developments of content and encoding standards for archival description
  7. Discussion: Is "Encoded Archival Description" an adequate name for our roundtable?
    • 29 of 31 respondents indicated that a change was desired in the name and mission statement of the EAD Roundtable in order to encompass the growing suite of encoding standards for archival description (EAD, EAC-CPF, etc.).
    • After a brief discussion, a suggestion was made to keep the name of the Encoded Archival Description Roundtable the same, but modify the scope of the mission statement to include any encoding standards for archival description.
    • Roundtable attendees agreed that this was a satisfactory approach; roundtable leaders offered to make draft revisions to the mission statement and circulate it for comments to the EAD Roundtable membership as a next step.