2016 EADRT Annual Meeting Agenda

Opening and Introductions 6-6:10pm (10 min)

Introduction of Current Roundtable Leadership and Election Results

Introduction of and Brief Report from Council Liaison (Michelle Light)

Overview of Agenda and requests for any additional items for new business

Updates from TS-EAS 6:10-6:25 (15 min)

Karin Brendenberg and Kathy Wisser

Report from the DPLA Archival Description Working Group 6:25-6:40 (15 min)

Gretchen Gueguen

EAD3 Study Group on Discovery Report 6:40-6:50 (5-10 min)

Cory Nimer

Update from EAD3 Study Group on Migration 6:50-7:00 (5-10 min)

Elizabeth Dunham

Presentation on EAD3 Starter Toolkit 7:00-7:10 (5-10 min)

Ruth Kitchin Tillman and Monish Singh

Introduction of Social Media 7:10-7:15 (5 min)

Laura Starratt

Update on Open Finding Aids 7:15-7:20 (5 min)

Merrilee Proffitt

New Business and Closing 7:20-7:30 (10 min)