Electronic Records Section

Welcome to the Electronic Records Section!

The Section functions as a locus of expertise, leadership, and information sharing for SAA regarding management and preservation of records in electronic form.

Steering Committee Roster, 2019-2020

Recent News & Announcements

Schedule for the Electronic Records Section meeting on Thursday, August 20, at the SAA 2015 Annual meeting in Cleveland.
The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One blends art, technology, and interpretation. It includes real works from the museum’s collection as well as interactive, technology-based activities and games.
The deadline for submitting nominations and self-nominations for leadership positions in the Electronic Records Sections has been extended to Friday, June 19.
It’s time for Caption These Bits! round three! You’re digital pun experts now, right? Once a month, bloggERS! invites readers to submit captions for images related to electronic records and the history of technology, sourced from archives around the world. Submit your caption below by 6/19. Digital archives, preservation, and curation humor encouraged.
If you’ve got links to ingest workflows, transfer guidelines, in-house best practices, digital materials surveys, or any other formal or informal procedures that just might maybe, kinda, one day be helpful to another archivist, why not post or describe them in the comments?
Election season is fast approaching and the Electronic Records Section has some exciting opportunities for service.
An alumnus from Carleton College donated the first computer used by our student newspaper, The Carletonian, a late 1980’s MacintoshPlus. How would you go about salvaging the files from this device?
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