February - April 2020 Steering Committee Minutes

February 2020 - April 2020

February 2020

  • SAA Annual Section sub-committee update
    • Government records interested in email archiving conversation and would be happy to work with ERS
    • Speaker suggestion: Someone from Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail (RATOM) project
    • Possible future presentation idea for a future SAA: collaborations
  • Resource Project update
    • Drafted a project overview document
    • Can start collecting resources in a spreadsheet
    • Access: might consider using Collective Access for this project
    • We have some money available to us from SAA: this might be something we can tap into.
    • Shared concern is maintaining this resource over time, especially when everyone currently on the SC has cycled off
  • Resource Project Taxonomy Review
    • Will refine/revisit this as we start working with the resources

March 2020

  • SAA Annual Section sub-committee update
    • Form submitted, going to collaborate with GRS
    • If you have ideas for any email projects that would make good speakers, let committee know
    • RATOM might be an option, but they’re not confirmed
  • Resource Project update 
    • Project overview document
    • Do we want to pause for a month or continue?
      • Yes, people probably need work to do
    • Susan will reach out to Felicia re: partnering (a la CoSA); Susan will also reach out to CoSA to learn more about their tool and who maintains it, how it works
    • Project plan feedback
      • What do we mean by open access? (Resource will be open access)
      • Include institution size? Budget is probably more important than # of total employees
      • Susan will work on matching resources to taxonomy, will let Annalise know if she needs help
  • Resource Project naming brainstorm
    • Digital Archivists Toolkit
    • Digital Archives Resource Center (like this) DARC 
    • Digital Archives Hub

April 2020

  • Reached out to Felicia (SAA) and COSA about who administers website: is there a place our resources document could be added and maintained?
  • SAA Annual
    • Assuming that conference is likely to be online only
    • In Chicago, large public events (those run by the city) have been canceled for this summer; does not necessarily extend to private events but seems likely that large in-person events won’t take place
    • What can we organize online, regardless of the status of the conference itself
    • Standard presentation format can easily be translated to online panel
    • Will touch base with Government Records group about planning a virtual meeting
  • Elections
    • We need to submit everything (open positions, candidates, and candidate statements) to Felicia by June 1
    • SAA Election Guide: includes timeline
    • Open positions: vice-chair, 2 steering committee members
    • Secretary will post candidate information on ERS micro-site