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Design Record Section Listserv
The listserv is a place to share news items, interesting projects, and job postings. It also serves as a forum for members to assist one another with issues encountered in archives. To join, login to SAA, go to the Membership menu, go to Groups, then Sections. Click on Manage My Sections. Here you can join and leave any SAA Section.

Design Records Section Leaders
To send an email to current DRS leaders with questions, suggestions, or general feedback, you can email them at: saadesignrecordssection [at] gmail [dot] com.

Digital Design Records Task Force
The Digital Design Records Task Force formed in 2012 to address issues surrounding the problematic nature of digital design records. For general inquiries, you can email the Task Force at digitaldesignrecordstaskforce [at] gmail [dot] com. To join the Task Force, please fill out this form:

DesignArchivists Slack Channel
To chat with other archivists working with design records on a variety of topics, join the DesignArchivists slack channel here:

94763 says:
Updated Involvement Channels

Hello! I noticed the Slack Channel link was not working. Are there other channels through which members can connect or get more involved? Thank you!