Standing Rules Referendum on 2018 Ballot

CPS Steering is putting forward the following language to create a co-chair for our Electronic Records Committee:
The Electronic Records Committee is composed of the vice chair of the Congressional Papers Section, who serves as the co-chair of the committee, two or more members appointed by the Steering Committee, and an ex officio member designated from by the Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives and Records Administration.  The members of the Electronic Records Committee will also select a co-chair for the committee by majority vote.  The co-chair shall have served at least two years of an appointed term on the Electronic Records Committee.   Terms for appointed members are encouraged to range from not less than two years to not more than three years. The Electronic Records Committee is responsible for conducting an annual review of all resources posted on the CPS website related to electronic records management in congressional collections, making updates and revisions when necessary. The committee may also create new resources on the subject when advisable.