Arizona State University

This manual describes archival and manuscripts processing at Arizona State University. It introduces core concepts to processing; discusses appraisal, duplicates, discards, and scheduled records; walks through the physical processing of a collection, and includes information on the creation of a finding aid. The section on finding aids is written to be tool independent although it does include information on using ArchivesSpace for the elements being described. Screenshots included.

Manuscript and Archival Records Processing Manual

Oklahoma State University

This manual, written for Oklahoma State University in 2014, covers basic creation of resource records; updating resource records; and adding notes, subjects, and agents in ArchivesSpace. It is 22 pages and includes screenshots.

Creating/Updating Finding Aids in ArchivesSpace

This manual, written for Oklahoma State University in 2014, covers basic creation of accession records and using ArchivesSpace to search resource records. It is 16 pages long and includes screenshots.

Using ArchivesSpace: A Quick Guide

Online Archive of California (OAC) (California Digital Library)

This user guide is intended for institutions that are utilizing ArchivesSpace to create Resource and/or Digital Object records for contribution to the Online Archive of California (OAC) and Calisphere websites.

OAC/Calisphere Contributor User Guide to ArchivesSpace

New York University

Our documentation is currently a publicly available libguide that documents our ASpace usage in a broad sense. It outlines guidelines for local usage, hosts training resources for troubleshooting or assistance in specific functionality, and documents the processes for in-house and external development. It includes, but is not solely comprised of, a local usage manual.

ArchivesSpace @ NYU libguide

University of Nebraska at Omaha

This manual was created to guide processors in their use of ArchivesSpace. It details how to create accession records, resources records, and agent records. It also includes information on how to add events to accession and resource records as well as how to use Rapid Data Entry in ArchivesSpace.

ArchivesSpace Record Creation Walkthroughs

University of Rochester

This 7-page guide is a numbered list of the fields required when creating an ArchivesSpace resource record. For each listed field, it gives a brief description. The list is organized into the following sections: Basic Information, Dates, Finding Aid Data, and Notes. Screenshots included.

Untitled Document

University of Southern California

This is a detailed guide written for archival processors at USC Libraries on creating finding aids in ArchivesSpace. It describes each component of a resource record and the requirements when entering data. It also includes appendices for creating agent links, creating subject access points, and publishing a finding aid via the public interface. Screenshots included.

Entering Finding Aid Data in ArchivesSpace

This is a half-page document that briefly lists six best practice policies for resource record creation. It cites common errors when entering description into ArchivesSpace and prescribes the correct practice.

ArchivesSpace resource record creation best practices policies and procedures

Virginia Tech Special Collections

This 63 page guide includes step-by-step instructions for use for Virginia Tech Special Collections​ implementation of ArchivesSpace v.1.5.x. It is designed for staff and student employees and is used in training and as a reference tool. It covers most sections except for reports, and container and location profiles (which we are not currently using). The manual is cross-referenced and includes examples, but does not have screenshots. It also includes appendices that are helpful for aligning resource record/finding aid content for submission to Virginia Heritage, our state-wide portal.

ArchivesSpace Manual for Special Collections (v.1.5)​

Submitted by Kira A. Dietz, Acquisitions and Processing Archivist, 2017 April 13

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