Repository Profiles

Collection spotlights, profiles, and other in-depth pieces on our BAS members and their organizations. To showcase your own repository, contact the Editors!

(Note: Repository Profiles reflects the profile of that archive at the time it was submitted to the BAS. Repository profiles may have changed, therefore anyone seeking the most current information about a repository should contact that organization directly.)


American Kennel Club
Corporate Archives Profile - Letting History Go To The Dogs

Amway Historical Archives & Museum
Corporate Archives Profile - Preserving the Legacy around the Globe

Bacardi, Ltd.
An Archives With a Twist - Mixing It Up at Bacardi, Ltd.

Carhartt, Inc.
Hard At Work: The Carhartt Archive

Chevron's Living Institutional Memory - Chevron Corporate Archive Documents a Robust History

Citi Center for Culture
Corporate Archives Profile - Using The Past To Define Our Future

Coca-Cola Company

Old Facts in New Packaging - Making Corporate History Business Relevant

The Durst Organization                                                                                                     Corporate Archives Profile

The Gore Archives
Repository Spotlight

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Corporate Archives Profile

HarperCollins Publishers
Corporate Archives Profile - Capturing Readers From Around The World For 200 Years

Corporate Archives Profile

Kaiser Permanente
Corporate Archives Profile

Levi Strauss & Co.
History with Two Pairs of Pants - 501s and More at Levi Strauss & Co.

Marriott International
Corporate Archives Profile - I'll Drink To That!

NBCUniversal Archives and Collections - Repository Profile

Pendleton Woolen Mills Archives - Repository Spotlight

Procter & Gamble
Corporate Archives Profile

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
Corporate Archives Profile

Corporate Archives Profile - From Messengers To A Global Logistics Network

Wells Fargo & Co.
History Takes the Stage - 150 Years of Western Lore at Wells Fargo

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