The Conversation Continues

So, the Annual Meeting Task Force submitted its final report ( to Council in May.  Council has reviewed the report and President, Jackie Dooley’s report prioritizing the report’s recommendations ( will be discussed by Council at the annual meeting.

But wait, there’s more!  On Thursday, August 15 at noon, the Task Force is hosting a forum to learn your opinions on the report, Council’s priorities, and the annual meeting, itself.  We will break into several World Café style discussion tables where you’ll have a chance to talk with other members about topics including best networking opportunities during the meeting, whether or not to shorten the meeting, what makes a great plenary, and which session formats and online options you’ve experienced at other conferences.  

Never tried a World Café discussion?  It’s a little like speed dating for conference sessions.  You choose a topic table, have a discussion for about 10 minutes, recording main ideas – then you move to another table and topic.  You get the chance to interact with lots of other SAA members, and SAA gets to find out which ideas are most commonly expressed – as well as hear the full range of reactions.  

Task Force members will also be staffing a table, as we did last year, near the registration desk.  Come by and talk to us and write down your thoughts.  What members wrote last year was really useful in shaping the recommendations in our final report.  And, in the spirit of the ongoing conversation, comments from this year will be passed on to Council, as well, as it implements changes to the annual meeting. 

Will you join us?  What topics would most like to discuss?  If you can’t make this year’s meeting, what thoughts do you have that we should include in our deliberations?