Annual Meeting Task Force (disbanded)

The AMTF will spend two years gathering information on options for updating the Annual Meeting.  We want your input!

The Annual Meeting Task Force is charged with analyzing current practices related to the SAA Annual Meeting as well as possible future approaches, and delivering to the Council a report with recommendations as to which current practices should be changed and what new practices should be implemented. The task force will consider how issues of social responsibility should be addressed; how meeting sites, including hotels, are selected; the current meeting model and meeting structure; increasing diversity in meeting sites; how to limit cost of meeting attendance for participants; how to best make meeting content available to those who cannot attend; and the extent of SAA’s dependence on the annual meeting for budget revenue, as well as any other issues they deem appropriate.

Council Adopts Principles and Priorities for Continuously Improving Annual Meeting (August 2013 Council Meeting)

Final Report to Council (April 2013)

News & Announcements

The Annual Meeting Task Force provided the paper-covered table and the pens - you provided the insight! Read what your fellow attendees had to say about the New Orleans meeting.
Small groups discussed plenaries, networking, online options, content and structure of the annual meeting. See the results here!
Join us for a World Cafe style discussion of various aspects of the annual meeting, and the AM Task Force's final report to Council. Thursday, August 15 at noon.
Submitted to SAA Council on April 25, 2013. Comments welcome!
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