Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Subcommittee

I. Purpose

The Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that the Digital Archives Specialist curriculum remains up-to-date.  Because the curriculum is likely to require frequent changes, the Subcommittee suggests and implements changes to the curriculum (including the examinations) as needed.  In addition, the Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring the currency of the core competencies for a DAS certificate, overseeing the learning outcomes to ensure that they support the core competencies, and supporting the development of new courses.

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Terms

The Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Subcommittee consists of ten members (including a chair) appointed by the SAA Vice President for staggered four-year terms. Each year, a vice chair will be appointed from among the upcoming second-year members and will serve as vice chair in the second year, as chair in the third year, and as past chair in the fourth year of her/his term. The subcommittee chair serves as an ex officio member of the Committee on Education. The SAA Education Director serves as an ex officio member of the subcommittee.

The membership of the subcommittee shall comprise a mix of practicing archivists with e-records/digital experience and or knowledge, teaching experience, technical skills, expertise covering the archival spectrum, and administrative or supervisory experience. Ideally, the subcommittee as a whole will reflect individual and institutional diversity. The majority of members must have a DAS certificate to serve on the subcommittee. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Outgoing committee members will be granted a two-year grace period to allow adequate time for the necessary requirements to maintain and renew their DAS Certificate. Subcommittee members may not sit for the DAS Comprehensive Exam during their term on the subcommittee and must wait at least two year after their term ends to sit for the exam. Courses for which a committee member serves as a course shepherd (i.e. liaison) do not apply toward DAS Certificate renewal.

Members can expect to spend four to five hours per month on subcommittee work.

III. Reporting Procedures

The subcommittee reports to the Committee on Education, providing updates at each meeting and intermittently as appropriate. 

The subcommittee works closely with the Education Director, serving in an advisory capacity on education-related projects and programs operated out of the executive office.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assess and recommend changes to the DAS curriculum as needed.
  • Ensure the currency and relevance of the core competencies for a DAS certificate.
  • Oversee course learning outcomes to ensure that they support the core competencies.
  • Identify new topics for development.
  • Liaise with developers/instructors to ensure high-quality offerings.
  • Author the Comprehensive Examination and assure its integrity.

V. Meetings

When resources are available, the subcommittee meets up to two times each year and via monthly conference calls.

Approved by the SAA Council: May 2011
Revised: April 2012, January 2014, June 2016, February 2017, May 2017.