Tom Rosko, Candidate for Nominating Committee

Professional Experience: Institute Archivist and Head, Institute Archives and Special Collections, MIT, 2003–present. University Archivist and Director, UK Records Program, University of Kentucky, 2000–2003. Senior Archivist for Manuscripts, New York University/New-York Historical Society Mellon Project, 1997–2000. Special Collections Assistant, Princeton University, 1994–1997.

Education: MLS, Rutgers University, 1996. BA, History, Bucknell University, 1989.

Professional Activities: Society of American Archivists (SAA): Appointments Committee, 2012–present. STHC Roundtable Steering Committee, 2010–2012. Program Committee, 2007. College and University Archives Section, Vice-chair, 2003–2005. Developer/Presenter, Digital Archives and Libraries DACS course, 2008–present. New England Archivists (NEA): Program Committee, 2007. Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC): Education Committee, 1995–2000 (Chair, 1997–2000). AIP, Center for the History of Physics: Advisory Board, 2009–present (Chair, 2012). Commonwealth of Kentucky: Archives and Records Management Advisory Board, 2001–2003. Grant reviewer: NHPRC, NEH.

* * *

Question posed by the Nominating Committee: Nominating Committee members are responsible for identifying candidates for leadership who represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, as well as a passion for and commitment to advancing the profession. What would be your strategy for identifying qualified candidates?

The continued expansion of SAA’s membership makes it all the more important to ensure a broad and diverse representation within SAA’s leadership. A balance of many factors: an individual’s experience, professional engagement, and enthusiasm, coupled with cultural, geographic, and institutional diversity all need to be considered. Over my professional career, I have garnered innumerable professional contacts in a variety of archival institutions, in several regions, and feel I have a good base from which to seek input regarding potential candidates. Ensuring a diversity of representation within SAA’s decision-making structure, that candidates nominated for positions bring varied ideas along with the ability to listen and learn, are paramount.  Seeking input about nominees, that they deliver on promises and follow through on actions, are all part of the process in which members of the nominating committee should work together.