Scott D. Grimwood, Candidate for Nominating Committee

Professional Experience: Corporate Manager of Archives, SSM Health Care, 2004 to present. Archivist and Records Manager, The Fetzer Institute, 1994–2004. Operations Manager, The Records Centre, 1990–1993. Records Center Supervisor, City of Oceanside, 1987–1990.

Education: MLIS (Certificate in Archival Administration), Wayne State University, 1995. BA, History, University of Michigan–Dearborn, 1986.

Professional Activities: Society of American Archivists, 1994–present: Business Archives Section, Vice Chair, 2011–2012; chair, 2012–2013. Midwest Archives Conference, 1994–present: Local Arrangements Committee Chair, 2009; 2013 Annual Meeting Program Committee Member. Association of St. Louis Area Archivists, 2004–present: Co-chair, 2008–2009. St. Louis Area Religious Archivists, 2004–present: Program Committee, 2006–2008. Association of Records Managers and Administrators 1994–present. Archives Leadership Institute: Attendee, 2009. Academy of Certified Archivists: Certified Archivist, 2007.

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Question posted by Nominating Committee: Nominating Committee members are responsible for identifying candidates for leadership who represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, as well as a passion for and commitment to advancing the profession. What would be your strategy for identifying qualified candidates?

It is not only about identifying qualified candidates, but identifying the right people for the positions. To do this we must look throughout SAA for candidates, reaching out to every section, roundtable, and other group within the organization to seek out the best people. SAA needs to have diversity in the broadest sense of the word in its leadership and we can continue to achieve this by casting as wide a net as possible when looking for candidates. An important job for the nominating committee is to continually expand the pool of potential candidates; to look for those eager up and comers and diamonds in the rough and encourage them to run for office. By doing this we show that SAA leadership positions are possible for anyone with a strong commitment and desire to serve the archival profession. I have been very fortunate to meet and work with so many wonderful people during my 18 plus years of membership in SAA, and I was very humbled when I was asked to be a candidate for the nominating committee. I see this as a wonderful opportunity for me to give back to an organization that has given so much to me, and I hope if elected to give that same opportunity to others.