2005 Annual Report

Student Members:
Mike Arbagi
Shannon Michalak
Steve Lucht
Kim Richards
Mackensie Wittmer
Faculty Advisor
Toni Jeske

This year was the first full year for the Wright State University chapter of The Society of American Archivists. While the student chapter is open to all university students, Wright State graduate students earning a Master’s in History with a concentration in public history (museum and archival studies) comprise most of the membership. This year the chapter focused on activities with practical application in the field.

Activities included:

  • Year long: Several students represented WSU SAA at the monthly local archives roundtable.
  • October 2004: Completed the university’s mascot design contest similar to the Chicago cows or the Cincinnati pigs. The statue went up for auction in October, and the chapter received $500. The statue is now on display in the university’s student union.
  • November 2004: The WSU SAA President presented on the formation and progress of the WSU SAA chapter to the Miami Valley Archives Roundtable.
  • February 2005: WSU SAA held a MARC workshop attended by students and alumni
  • March 2005: The WSU SAA chapter selected officers for the 2005-2006 academic year.
  • April 2005: WSU SAA held a Disaster Recovery workshop
  • April 2005: Several members participated in the Society of Ohio Archivists spring conference. The students chaired sessions and participated in a student poster session. All three poster session awards went to WSU SAA members. The WSU SAA chapter paid the registration fee for the WSU students who participated in the poster session. The chapter also contributed a WSU gift basket for the silent auction.
  • April 2005: Through the generosity of a WSU SAA founding member, the chapter awarded a $250 scholarship to assist a SAA member with the 2005 SAA annual conference expenses.

Looking ahead to 2005-2006
In 2005-2006, the student chapter will continue to plan practical workshops for WSU SAA members. These may include a day long disaster recovery workshop with Wright State staff and local NARA officials.