2011 Western Washington University Student Chapter Report

2010-2011 Officers:

Coordinator: Caitlin Patterson
Asst. Coordinator: Claire Huntley
Faculty Advisor: Randall Jimerson


Cara Bertram
Kyle Davis
Jordan Grimmer
Jennifer Hoover
Claire Huntley
Eleanor Letterman
Katherine Magee
Douglas Mann
Caitlin Patterson
Jessica Peters
Emily Venemon
Lesley Wallace


On October 5, students from the program met informally on campus to get acquainted. Second and third year students discussed their internships and the conferences they had attended during the spring and summer. Requirements for holding office were also discussed and the first years selected an Asst. Coordinator the following week.

On December 12, Geoffrey Yeo came to speak to the chapter at the regional state archives building. He discussed his research on the definition of records after which he and some of the students discussed various archival issues informally over lunch.

On February 11, a group of students attended a symposium at the University of British Columbia entitled “The Law of Unintended Consequences: The right to be forgotten, the duty to remember.” A number of speakers from around the world addressed preservation, legal, and ethical issues surrounding social media, the web, and mobile technologies as related to their experience and research.

In April a group of students accompanied by Professor Jimerson attended the Northwest Archivists’ annual conference in Helena, Montana. Students attended presentations and were able to meet with a number of practicing archivists and several fellow students from other archival programs.

In August a small group of students attended the SAA annual conference in Chicago, IL. Students were introduced to a number of luminaries within the profession, met fellow students from across the country, and attended panels and presentations on a number of topics of individual interest.