2002-2003 Annual Report

2002-2003 Student Members:
Robin Elise Champieux, President
Linda Brus, Vice President
Matthew Peterson, Treasurer
Cheryl D. Day, Secretary
John Fillicaro, Program Director
Danielle L. Kaltz, Webmaster

Hermina Anghelescu and Gordon B. Neavill, Faculty Advisors


October 2002

WDET 101.9 Annual Autumn Pledge Drive SAA members answered phones for our local public radio station November 2002 SAA members toured the Parade Company Archives, which holds a multi-media collection of materials relating to Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

April 2003

SAA members participated in the Michigan Local History Conference, sponsoring the archives session. Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University co-host the Local History Conference; it draws speakers and participants from throughout Michigan. SAA members also volunteered at the conference, setting up sessions and guiding visitors.

November 2003

The group hosted a social event at the Detroit Film Theater. We met to watch Persuasion, Prejudice and Psychology: Ephemeral Films of the Prelinger Archives. It was a very successful event and initiated a lot of discussion at our next meeting.

Upcoming Events:

April 2004

SAA will again volunteer and sponsor a panel the Local History Conference. Guest speakers include Leslie Edwards and Kimberly Schroeder.