2001-2002 Annual Report

2002-2003 Student Members:
Amelia Klem, President
Charles Kempker, Vice President
Matthew Peterson, Treasurer
William Fliss, Secretary
Karen Bjork
Ryan Johnson

Leslie Heinrichs, Faculty Liaison


Since we restarted the association here at UWM at the beginning of fall quarter, most of our activities focused around getting reinstated at UWM and trying to recruit new members. We had biweekly meetings where we spent a lot of time brainstorming about how to recruit new members. We also talked with many guest speakers and hope to have some come in next semester to give speeches.

The whole student chapter took a trip on December 7, to Madison where we toured the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Both tours were informative & educational, and the trip was a complete success. Now that we are reinstated we hope to do more in the upcoming year to make the experience of being a part of the student chapter more enriching.