2001-2002 Annual Report

2002-2003 Student Members:
Carol Mead, President
Charles Hargrove, Vice President
Rebecca Romanchuk, Secretary
Joel Minor, Amy Braitsch/Jennifer Hecker (Fall), Treasurers
Jennifer Hecker/Molly Wheeler, Events Co-Chairs
Heather Arnold, Web Chair


In May, the new board began planning for the Chapter's major annual event, Archives Week. The officers chose Archives and Technology as the theme for the celebration, using "Archives - They're Virtually Everywhere" as the slogan. The group raised approximately $900 for the celebrations, and used the funds to make publicity materials, entertain the speakers, and have mugs made with the Chapter's logo (Mrs. Eberly Firing the Cannon in the Texas Archives War of 1842) and slogan, which we sold to raise further funds. Events during the Week consisted of four speakers and the Archives Clinic, which the Chapter conducts each year at the Austin History Center. The talks included the following:

  • Monday: Archives and the Law
  • Tuesday: E-Archiving and Obsolescence
  • Wednesday: Corporate Archives and Technology Management
  • Thursday: The Colorado Digitization Project: Imaging and Access

The Archives Clinic, which was the final activity, attracted local newspaper and television media and Austinites throughout the day. Attendees brought sound recordings, photographs, land deeds, photograph albums, and other objects in various states of deterioration, for advice from archives and conservation students on preserving them.

Other events the Chapter coordinated during the year include the following:

  • September: Fall potluck
  • October: Larry Hackman talk (cancelled due to scheduling problems)
  • February: Winter potluck, Internship talk (student-led discussion of past internship experiences), Election of new board for 2002-2003 school year
  • March: Julie Holcomb talk at Navarro College, Kris Kiesling EAD Workshop, GSLIS 25th year reunion (presentation given by Chapter officer on behalf of the Chapter)
  • April: Leon Miller talk
  • May: Spring potluck

In addition, members of the board agreed to create and submit a poster for the 2002 SAA annual conference's student poster session.

In summary, this year proved to be very active for the UT Student Chapter. Archives Week continued to gain in attendance by students and the general public, the officers worked to build funds so that the Chapter may continue to sponsor a variety of activities, and the members of the board and the Chapter-both outgoing and incoming-are enthusiastic about their profession and the SAA organization.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Mead
President SAA-UT Student Chapter, 2001-2002