2003-2004 Annual Report

2003-2004 Student Members:
Lewis Dorman, President
Jessica Zellers, Vice President
Kris Horzvath, Treasurer
Alison Foley, Secretary
Dr. Helen Tibbo: Faculty Liaison


S.C.O.S.A.A. started the 2003-2004 academic year with a general interest meeting, which focused on organizational recruitment and the plotting of a schedule for the coming semesters. During the fall semester of 2003, the chapter sponsored several special events for its members. Our first event was a presentation by Karen Glynn, the Visual Materials Archivist at Duke University, which focused on aspects of film conservation and preservation. Her presentation included screenings of depression era mule racing in Mississippi. Jeff Place, the archivist for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, gave a talk to our chapter concerning archival practices for sound recordings, for our second fall event. For the chapter’s third event, Kathy Wisser, then president for the Society of North Carolina Archivists, conducted a daylong workshop, focusing on Electronic Archival Description (E.A.D.). In November, a new group of officers was elected to serve for 2003, and Jessica Zellers redesigned our chapter’s website: http://ils.unc.edu/saa/.

With new leaders helming S.C.O.S.A.A., we began the spring semester of 2004 with a healthy does of optimism. Lewis Dorman created a listserv, effectively opening a new channel of communication for the chapter’s members. The chapter also hosted a coffee talk session with Stephen Fletcher, the University of North Carolina’s Photograph Archivist, which consisted of an informal discussion of archival practices and standards for photographs and an inside tour of UNC’s facilities for archiving photographs. In addition, S.C.O.S.A.A. participated in the Society of North Carolina Archivists’ spring conference in Chapel Hill, NC. Chapter members led tours of UNC’s special collections, assisted with hospitality, and sundry other helpful activities. Members of our chapter also participated in the annual fundraiser organized by the student groups of the School of Information and Library Science. The book sale was particularly successful this year and will provide an important contribution to an ambitious program presently being planned for the fall semester.