2009-2010 Annual Report


Student Archivists at Maryland: Annual Report to SAA (May 15, 2010)

This report reflects the term of the current SAM administration, which ends May 19, 2010.

Members, academic year 2009-10

Joey Romeo

Gail Cinoski

Helena Iles

Mike Henry

Abigail McDermott

Aimee Miles

Alicia Hoefke

Amanda Kaufman

Amber Robinson

Amy French

Andrea DeBoef

Andrea Shahmohammadi

Anna Yallouris

April Kelley

Ashley Davies

Cassandra Berman

Erin Townsend

Isabel Klein

Jan Danek

Janet Peterson

Jeff Eastman

Jennifer Strand

Jeremy Band

Joan Gibson Kaminer

Katelyn Dion

Katie Galella

Kristin Davidson

Lillian Szymanski

Meghan Ryan

Meredith Scheiber

Nichole Rosamilia

Oralia Vasquez

Sarah Farinholt

Officers, academic year, 2009-10

President Joey Romeo romeo.joey@gmail.com

Treasurer Gail Cinoski gcinoski@umd.edu

Secretary Helena Iles hiles@umd.edu

Webmaster Mike Henry mlhenry@umd.edu

Faculty Liaison Dr. Bruce Ambacher bambache@umd.edu


Chapter Activities, 2009-10

Sept 2009:

Welcome Barbecue


Happy Hour

Oct 2009:

Games Night

Happy Hour

D.C. Ghost Tour

Nov 2009:

Bake Sale


“Get Hired” Workshop [help on writing KSAOs for government positions, and how to tailor

resumes and cover letters to improve chances of an interview]

Football Game

Academy of Certified Archivists Panel Talk

Happy Hour

Dec 2009:

Holiday party [co-hosted with Maryland’s student chapter of ALA]

Jan 2010:

Happy Hour

Feb 2010:


Basketball Game [cancelled due to snow]

Happy Hour

Mar 2010:

Americana [SAM’s annual outreach event, with a reception (including food and music) and

presentations by three archival professionals. This year’s event was on the theme

“Thinking Locally: Archives and Community.”]


Happy Hour

April 2010:


Games Night

Happy Hour

May 2010:

Archivist of the U.S. Talk

Tour of the Archives of American Art

End of Year Barbecue

Report prepared by Helena Iles, SAM Secretary, 2009-10.