2002-2003 Annual Report

2002-2003 Student Members:
Heather Harrington
Mark Wolfe
Michelle Powers
Marcy Strong
Beth Sheffer
Katherine E Caiazza, Co-Presidents
Peter Runge, Co-Presidents
Ted Hoppenstedt, Secretary
Reginald White, Treasurer

Philip Eppard, Faculty Liaison

Chapter Activities, Spring 2002

March 13, 2002
Bake Sale

April 26th, 2002
Guest speaker, Brien Brothman will presented a paper titled, " 'Making Up People:' The State, Records, and Individual Identity in Jose Saramago's All The Names." Brien Brothman works as an archivist at the Rhode Island State Archives; he has published scholarly articles in Archivaria and The American Archivist. Brothman's work considers archival practice through a range of critical lenses. Students attended from the SAA group as well as the School of Information Science at large. Brothman's talk created a venue where students could ask questions about the theoretical issues surrounding some of the everyday tasks facing a professional archivist.

May 2, 2002
The SAA hosted an informal discussion with staff and faculty at the Department of Special Collections, SUNY-Albany concerning career opportunities in the field of archival studies. This was a great opportunity for burgeoning archivists to ask questions about the interview process and the types of jobs available to archivists.

Chapter Activities Fall 2002

October 18th, 2003
Trip to the Albany County Hall of Records. The Hall of Records has recently moved to a new location, at 95 Tivoli Street. This new site provides almost twice the storage space as the two buildings previously used by the County for record storage. The records manager gave students a tour of the facility. The records manager discussed all aspects of the records/archives operation and questions were encouraged.

October 1, 2002
Bake Sale

November 1st, 2002
Trip to Williams College Special Collection. The group made its longest road trip on this occasion to Williamstown, Massachusetts. We met with the college archivist Sylvia Brown who gave us a tour of their facility. She organized the visit around the theme of their future plans to move the archives and renovate various spaces. We also visit the Rare Book Collection at the college as well as the museum.

December 11, 2002
SAA hosted a social hour at the Washington Tavern. It was a great opportunity for students and faculty to mix in a relaxed atmosphere.