Dennis Meissner

Dennis Meissner

Dennis Meissner is the retired Deputy Director for Programs at the Minnesota Historical Society, a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists, a past president of SAA, and current member of the SAA Foundation board of directors. Most of his archival career has focused on the arrangement, description, and the larger management of archival materials, including their discovery and use in networked environments.  He has participated in a number of SAA and international efforts to that end. Dennis has worked closely with the design, delivery, and management of the electronic finding aids to archival collections, and has participated in numerous U.S. and international working groups in the development and delivery of collection descriptions and the standards that underlie them.

He has consulted and presented educational workshops on archival processing and related topics and has published in those areas, but also in the area of business records management.  He has served three times as the principal faculty member for the Western Archives Institute.

In 2003, He and Mark Greene (American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming) were awarded a yearlong NHPRC Archival Research Fellowship to study archival processing expectations and backlogs in U.S. repositories and to recommend changes to existing practices.  That research led to an article in the American Archivist, “More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing.”  The aftermath of that research within the archival community has led to the publication of several articles by other archivists, presentations at many archival and library meetings and conferences, an SAA workshop series, and growing awareness within library, sound and visual, and cultural materials communities.

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