Web Archiving Fundamentals

Certificate Eligibility: 
90 minutes

To comprehensively represent records created in the 21st century, select websites and other web-based resources should be captured, stored, managed, described, and made accessible as appropriate. Content available primarily or solely online is among the most at-risk of born-digital materials. Materials on the Web tend to be ephemeral and subject to loss for reasons ranging from intentional removal to a website redesign, which can result in broken links and/or significant alteration of the look and feel of the site.


This course introduces the core concepts of Web archiving and provides a firm foundation for further expansion of skill sets. This course focus on the use of particular software tools and isn’t a tutorial on how to archive websites. Rather, it’s an overview of key elements of Web archiving. This will prepare you to get more out of your use of Web archiving tools because you’ll have a better understanding of Web archiving concepts essential to keeping up with progress in the field of Web archiving. The core elements of comprehensive Web archiving programs can be scaled to guide the collection of websites or select materials from websites at any institution. These elements are the focus of this course.


Note: NEW FORMAT! The recorded video presentation is divided into three parts; you will have two months of access to the presentation, which will provide an opportunity to watch the videos, try out what you’ve learned, and complete the accompanying test. At the end of the two-month period, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions via chat, Q&A, and phone during a scheduled online discussion session. Once you sign up for the video presentations, you will receive an email to register for one live discussion.

Learning Outcomes: 
Discuss key web archiving concepts and terms
Determine the scope of your collecting practices for acquiring and ensuring quality of collected websites
Take the steps to facilitate access (e.g., description concepts and access systems)
Who Should Attend: 

Repository managers, archivists, and practitioners, as well as anyone responsible for Web archives

What You Should Already Know: 

Participants should have basic knowledge about basic electronic records, such as by watching the Basics of Managing Electronic Records and Electronic Records—The Next Step webinars.


Basic Electronic Records

DAS Core Competency: 
5. Strategically plan for the sustainability of digital archives.
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