Using Oral Histories: Publications, Exhibits, Internet

This course has been retired.
Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU
1 day
Max Attendees: 

Many institutions and organizations that hold oral history collections seek ways to share these unique and valuable resources with expanded audiences. The workshop instructor explores traditional outreach tools (such as publications, exhibits, and audio and video programs) and newer technologies—including the Internet and podcasting—so that participants gain a greater appreciation of the broad range of opportunities for using oral histories in publications, programs, and other forms of outreach. The workshop offers practical information to help develop and implement oral-history-based forms of outreach, and to clearly understand the advantages and challenges of using oral histories.

Learning Outcomes: 
Learn to use tools that identify and select specific forms of outreach
Collect information and resources that will help create and effectively manage forms of outreach
Who Should Attend: 

Participants should have attended an introductory oral history workshop or have a basic understanding and appreciation of the oral history process, as well as an interest in using oral histories for programs and outreach.

“Discussion of audio and video editing tools was most valuable. I currently pay for an outside person to do simple editing when, with this knowledge, I realize I can do it internally at much less cost.”
“The editing experience because it enabled us to put into practice some of what we had just learned.” —Maria S. Jolley
“The use of actual examples was excellent. Fred [Calabretta] is a superb instructor, once again.” —Fran Jones
“Final product vs. raw footage analysis.”
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