Green IS Great: Planning & Developing an Environmentally Friendly Building

This course has been retired.
Certificate Eligibility: 
90 minutes
Tactical and Strategic

Are you planning or hoping to plan a new or remodeled archival facility? If so, are you required to meet one of the standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification established by the Green Building Council? If not, would you like to encourage your administration to seek this certification? This webinar will address the standards that designers must apply to a new or remodeled facility and how the LEED guidelines can assist and reinforce this process.

Learning Outcomes: 
Identify current guidelines for archival facilities
Understand what LEED certification is
Discuss how LEED standards and archival facility guidelines intersect
Recognize the pros and cons of seeking LEED certification for a new or existing building
Explore steps you can take now even if you aren't creating or renovating a building
Who Should Attend: 

Anyone who is currently planning or considering a new or remodeled archival facility

What You Should Already Know: 

No prior knowledge is necessary.

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