Change Management: How Do You Tackle It?

Certificate Eligibility: 
90 minutes
Tactical and Strategic

Learn about the challenges of introducing change in an organization, and find out what change management and resistance to it can entail in this context. The hallmarks of effective change and the common obstacles met in introducing change are illustrated in a case study of a specific change effort. In addition, you’ll hear about other institutions’ lessons learned that can inform your plan for change.

Learning Outcomes: 
Describe what is meant by change management
Recognize resistance and determine the best way to address resistance in your specific situation
Identify possible key challenges in introducing change
Present the basic components of a change management plan
Identify sources for securing possible solutions from lessons learned by other organizations
Propose possible steps to manage the change in your institution
Who Should Attend: 

Archivists and others who are responsible and/or will be responsible for planning and implementing changes to workflow in their institution

What You Should Already Know: 

No prior knowledge is necessary.

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