Achieving Email Account Preservation with XML

This course has been retired.
Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU, 6.5 ICRM
1 day
Max Attendees: 
Tools and Services

How do you successfully manage and preserve email? Your instructor will examine two XML schemas developed for email account archival preservation: the Email Account Preservation schema and the PeDALS schema. The EMAP schema co-authored by the Electronic Mail Collaboration Initiative and the Collaborative Electronic Records Project serves as the backbone of two open-source email account preservation tools. One of the benefits of using the EMAP schema is effective, efficient preservation of email accounts and their messages. The schema can be used in trustworthy repositories to validate deposited email accounts and can also be adopted as a professional standard like METS and EAD. The PeDALS schema originated in a grant project involving seven state archives. The PeDALS schema is specifically geared toward Microsoft Outlook .pst files and their content. This course discusses both of these schemas as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Note: Participants must bring a laptop with a CD drive or USB port for hands-on experience. You are strongly encouraged to download the CERP parser from the CERP website and review the installation guide prior to the workshop.

Learning Outcomes: 
Explain why to use XML
Identify the tools for XML and for parsing
Anticipate the preparation necessary before preservation
Assess email account and message condition
Master the breakdown of the schema and its application to email accounts
Recognize why the instructors take the account-level approach
Develop ways to use the schema and related tools at your own organization
Who Should Attend: 

Archivists, records managers, and librarians who are or will be handling email and other electronic records

What You Should Already Know: 

Some understanding of XML/HTML, such as recognizing the basic structure of an XML document, is useful

"The entire subject and the progress on addressing the email problem. Generally speaking, this session made my brain hurt a bit, which is a good thing and more than most pre-conference workshops do! Very nice to see folks taking a stab at this issue to move beyond theory."
"Detailed discussion of EMCAP and CERP projects that aren't on their websites (got questions answered from the creators)—that was great!"
"I liked being able to see a concrete example of what institutions were doing. The other DAS courses I have taken were all theoretical ("you could maybe consider doing it this way possibly in the future"). This class was practical ("this is how our institution does it"). That was the best thing about this class."
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