Read the November/December Issue of Archival Outlook!

In the latest issue of Archival Outlook, Autumn Johnson shares how Georgia Southern University designed an escape room using archival primary sources to unlock clues; Irene Gates and Katherine Meyers Satriano discuss running a virtual edit-a-thon to enhance Indigenous and anthropology records in SNAC; and Yvonne Ng, Arul Prakkash, and Itza Carbajal outline the importance of preserving the records of citizen witnesses in social movements. In addition, archivists Collette McDonough, Adam Wanter, and Amy Rohmiller share what they learned from failing on the job and Andrea Hoff considers how the pandemic has affected digital records. Read on for more! Print edition to follow in a few weeks. 

This issue is sponsored by San José State UniversityTandDAtlas SystemsScene SaversLucidea.

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