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The Society of American Archivists (SAA) is delighted to present Season 3 of Archives in Context, a podcast highlighting archival literature and technologies, and most importantly, the people behind them. Cosponsored by SAA’s Publications Board, American Archivist Editorial Board, and Committee on Public Awareness (COPA), the podcast explores the often moving and important work of memory-keeping.

Season 3, released March 2020, features content from archivists at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019, the Joint Annual Meeting of the Council of State Archivists and SAA, which was held July 31–August 6 in Austin, Texas. In "Elevator Going Up," hosts Chris Burns, Ashley Levine, Nicole Milano, and Anna Trammell “take to the streets” to ask attendees to respond—on the spot, with no preparation—to questions about what archivists do and what archives are. Three more episodes share content from A Finding Aid to My Soul, a storytelling event sponsored by COPA. The event was hosted by Micaela Blei, two-time Moth Grand Slam Story Champion and former director of the Moth’s Education Program, who coached the ten storytellers and told a story of her own. 

  • Part 1 features stories from Micaela BleiArielle Petrovich, instruction and outreach archivist at the University of Notre Dame; and Kira Lyle, graduate student at the University. 
  • Part 2 features stories from Leah Harrison, manager of research archives and heritage at the Salt River Project Archives; Katie Dishman, corporate archivist at Marriott International; Katie Moss, library associate at the State Historical Society of Iowa; and Cliff Hight, department head and university archivist at Kansas State University. 
  • Part 3 features stories from Joanna Black, archivist at the William E. Colby Memorial Library, Sierra Club; Joyce LeeAnn Joseph, founder of Archival Alchemy; Tanya Zanish-Belcher, director of special collections and archives at Wake Forest University; and Travis Williams, archivist and special collections librarian at St. Edward’s University. 

Listen to the season now via the Archives in Context websiteGoogle PlaySpotify, and iTunes. Production coordinated by Colleen McFarland Rademaker and Bethany Anderson.

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