Go Green with SAA!

Do you find yourself reading American Archivist or Archival Outlook only online? Now you can “go green” and opt out of the print version of these publications. By doing so, you’ll help SAA reduce our costs and climate impact—it’s a win-win!

And it’s easy to make the switch. Simply log in to your SAA profile, click “Edit My Profile” in the left column, scroll down to “Communications and Mailing Preference,” and click “opt out” of the journal and/or magazine. Then keep an eye on In the Loop so you never miss a new issue of American Archivist and Archival Outlook!

You’ll still enjoy the same great content—now a little greener and in the format you prefer.

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102742 says:
Your willingness to infinite

Your willingness to infinite craft address diverse perspectives and present a balanced view on complex topics is commendable, and I am grateful for the broadened understanding it has afforded me.

Hans says:
It's reassuring to know that

It's reassuring to know that despite opting out of the print version, suika game can still access the same great content in our preferred format.