Council Approves FY21 Budget

July 7, 2020—The SAA Council on June 30 approved a Fiscal Year 2021 budget of $2,107,623 in revenues, $2,161,883 in expenses, and a net loss of $54,260. Contributing to the projected net loss are anticipated declines in SAA membership and Annual Meeting revenues, due largely to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most notable among the steps to contain costs are zeroing out of all travel expenses, a move to digital-only publication of American Archivist as of January 2021 and Archival Outlook by May 2021, suspension of the pilot project to fund Section initiatives, and a decision not to fill recently vacant staff positions in Education.

“It’s never easy—or preferable—to think in terms of approving a deficit budget,” said SAA President Meredith Evans. “But the Council and staff understand the importance of maintaining our capacity to provide services and high levels of support to members while accounting for the ongoing impact of the pandemic and economic downturn on the archives profession.”

Click here to view the budget documents that the Council considered. 

SAA Treasurer Amy Fitch and Finance/Administration Director Peter Carlson will lead a conversation with members about SAA’s financial outlook on Friday, July 17, at 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT. Register here for the Zoom meeting link to attend. 

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The SAA's budget is a crucial aspect of the organization's operations and reflects its priorities and values. The Council's approval of the FY21 budget highlights the organization's commitment to supporting the growth and development of the archival profession. See:

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One of the key priorities identified in the FY21 budget is to support SAA members and the broader archival community through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This includes providing financial assistance to members who have been impacted by the crisis and supporting the development of online resources and programming to help members adapt to the new reality of remote work and social distancing. I am sure coloured concrete christchurch will be interested about this topic.