Congratulations to SAA's 2020 Appointees!

August 6, 2020—After receiving an overwhelming response to this year’s call for volunteers, SAA Vice President/President-Elect Rachel Vagts is pleased to announce the following appointments to SAA groups. With assistance from the 2020 Appointments Committee and consultation with appointed group leaders, Vagts completed the nearly 100 appointments in July. All new terms begin in August at the conclusion of the virtual Joint Annual Meeting.

Join us in congratulating these newly appointed SAA leaders! 

American Archivist Editorial Board
Eric Hung
Jessica Lacher-Feldman
Kathryn Puerini
Sylvia Welsh
Asa Espanto (Early-Career Member)
Bridgette Hammond (Early-Career Member)
Genevieve Kocienda (Early-Career Member, Reviews Portal)
Grace Moran (Early-Career Member)

Awards Committee
Cara Bertram (Co-Chair)

Brenda S. Banks Travel Award
Annie Reid
C.F.W. Coker Award
Suzanne Reller (Chair)
Brigette Kamsler
Distinguished Service Award
Ranae Rapp (Chair)
Blythe Roveland-Brenton
Diversity Award
London Stever (Chair)
Kristina Polizzi
Mark A. Greene Emerging Leader Award
Jane Cross (Chair)
Derek Webb
Josephine Forman Scholarship
Megan Keller Young (Chair)
Elizabeth Parker
F. Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship
Susan Davis (Chair)
Helen Wong Smith
Philip M. Hamer-Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award
Meg Hixon (Chair)
Laura Gentry
Oliver Wendell Holmes Award
Margaret Roulett (Chair)
Elizabeth Gallo
Archival Innovator Award
Jillian Ewalt (Chair)
Daardi Mixon
J. Franklin Jameson Archival Advocacy Award
Nicole Topich (Chair)
Kathryn Antonelli
Sister M. Claude Lane, O.P., Memorial Award
Casey Bowser (Chair)
Erin Louthen
Lisa Vallen
Waldo Gifford Leland Award
Margot Note (Chair)
Eric Stoykovich
Mosaic Scholarship
Barrye Brown (Chair)
Valerie Gillispie
Garret Kremer-Wright
Theodore Calvin Pease Award
Jessamyn Swan
Donald Peterson Student Travel Award
Krista Oldham (Chair)
Jessica Hornbuckle
Tola Livesey (Early-Career Member)
Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award
April Anderson-Zorn
Fellows’ Ernst Posner Award
William Landis (Chair)
Nancy Lenoil
Preservation Publication Award
Karen Gracey (Chair)
Heather Parks
Spotlight Award
Carrie Mastley

Committee on Education
Carli Lowe (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Sandra Varry
Jen Wachtel
Allison Kilberg (Early-Career Member)

Digital Archives Specialist Subcommittee
Sara Davis (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Sally Benny
Lauren Cahill

Graduate Archival Education Subcommittee
Ashley Todd-Diaz (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Hsiu-Ann Tom

Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct
Mary Larson (Co-chair)
Cliff Hight
Renee James
Madeline Goebel (Early-Career Member)

Committee on Public Awareness
Rachel Seale (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Lynn Cowles
Leon Miller
Anna Trammell
Kristianna Chanda (Early-Career Member)

Committee on Public Policy
Bryan Whitledge (Co-chair)
Matthew Ellis
Jessica Farrell
Emily Fendya (Early-Career Member)

Committee on Research, Data, and Assessment
Erin Passehl Stoddart (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Gwendolyn Higgins
Emily Lapworth
Paul Conway* (ex officio)
Mary Biddle (Early-Career Member)

Diversity Committee
Tammi Kim (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Erin Baucom
Cesar Gallegos
Teresa Mora
Alexis Recto

Finance Committee
Denise Rayman

2021 Host Committee
Christina Pappous (Chair)
Marlayna Christensen
Jennifer Thompson
Audra Eagle Yun
(Full committe TBD)

Membership Committee
Alison Clemens (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Daniel Hartwig
Jenifer Monger

2021 Program Committee 
Pamela Hackbart-Dean (Co-chair)
Tomaro Taylor (Co-chair)
Sharmila Bhatia
Hillary Bober
Mary Jo Fairchild
Steve Hausfeld
Kathleen Hertel-Baker
Daniel Noonan
Michelle Peralta
Katie Rudolph
Carrie Schwier
Laura Uglean-Jackson

Publications Board
Terry Baxter
Heather Campbell
Sarah Demb*
Cyndi Shein
Katherine Fisher (Early-Career Member)

Standards Committee
Kira Dietz (Co-chair)
Faith Charlton
Rory Grennan
Gina Strack
Andrea McMillian (Early-Career Member)

Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (TS-DACS)
Matthew Gorham (Co-chair)
Maristella Feustle*
Katy Rawdon
Daniel Michelson* (ex officio)
Rebecca Leung (Early-Career Member)

Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS)
Karin Bredenberg* (Co-chair)
Alexander Duryee*
Iris Lee
Anna McCormick
Cory Nimer*
Ailie Smith*
Sara Schliep (Early-Career Member)


*Denotes a reappointment.

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