Light Resigns from SAA Vice Presidency

March 4, 2019—SAA Vice President/President-Elect Michelle Light has notified the SAA Council of her resignation from that post, effective May 15, 2019. 

Light has taken a position with the Library of Congress that will preclude her from serving as SAA Vice President/President-Elect and President due to potential conflicts of interest. As noted in her Off the Record blog post,

“… As a member of the SAA Council, I have served with several federal employees who were very careful to recuse themselves from any action having to do with the federal government. They were models for how to navigate the sometimes muddy waters of conflict of interest. Nonetheless, their positions in their agencies were different than mine, and I am mindful of the weight of authority and responsibility of my new position. For those who know how much I value SAA and all the ways in which it has supported my professional growth and development during the past two decades, you might fathom how painful it is for me to relinquish this incredible honor to serve and lead this organization…”

After considering a range of options to resolve this unprecedented situation, the SAA Council has decided to appoint Meredith Evans to complete Light’s term (2018-2020), citing the need to minimize disruption and ensure the organization’s continuity as the Council and staff take on an ambitious three-year Strategic Plan. Legal counsel has advised that this action is within the purview of the Council as provided in the SAA constitution and bylaws.

In accordance with the Council’s decision, Evans will step down from the SAA presidency on May 15 so that she can be appointed to the vice presidency through August 5, 2019.  (Per the SAA constitution, in the case of a vacancy in the presidency, the vice president shall fulfill the duties of the president.) At that time she will accede to the SAA presidency for the 2019-2020 term.

Light and her Appointments Committee will have completed all 2019 appointments before the effective date of her resignation.

Please direct any questions or concerns to SAA Executive Director Nancy Beaumont at or 866-722-7858, ext. 212. 

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Bekean says:
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 This subway surfers online decision aims to minimize disruption and ensure continuity within the organization, particularly as the Council and staff embark on a three-year Strategic Plan. Legal counsel has confirmed that this decision falls within the Council's authority as outlined in the SAA constitution and bylaws.